"Without enough sleep, we all become tall two-year-olds" JoJo Jensen

Sleep Performance is the foundation of health, happiness and success


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REM (noun)  Rapid Eye Movement sleep. The fourth stage of sleep, which promotes learning and memories and which restores the mind. It is proceeded by three stages of non-REM sleep which renew and repair the body. Quality sleep promotes wellness and vitality.

Minder (noun-slang) Someone acting as a bodyguard, guard, or assistant

Health (noun)  The condition of being sound in body, mind, or spirit

REMinder Health (proper noun)  A small Australian start-up with BIG ambitions in helping people improve their quality of life through effective Sleep Performance programs that  address inadequate sleep and/or sleep disorders.

Quality sleep helps heart health, relieves stress and increases resilience

Sound sleep will help you become truly energised and engaged

REMinder Health has the tools, expertise and partners to help you get more restorative sleep. "Sleep is the golden chain that ties health and our bodies together." ~ Thomas Dekker

We work with trusted partners and healthcare professionals to help you maximize your vitality

Searching for optimal wellbeing but tired of battling through the maze of healthcare options?

We'd like to be your Pathfinders in discovering a healthier and more engaged life through better quality sleep. We work closely with relevant Healthcare Professionals to tailor make an appropriate solution just for you. No cookie cutter approach here! 

We provide a true end-to-end solution that will help you live a happier, healthier life

You'll never walk alone! Support is part of our DNA

We'd  like to help you achieve your personal goals. We know how hard change can be, even if it's for the best. We will therefore work out a change management and support program especially for you. We will do our best to make as easy as possible and intend for you to have fun on the way. 

Why is sleep so important?

Workplace Sleep Quality Study

Sleep plays a pivotal role in good health and wellbeing throughout your life.

Getting enough quality sleep can help protect your mental health, physical health, quality of life, and safety. It's also been proven to boost your immune system. 

Sleep affects how well you think, react, work, learn, and how you interact with others. Sleep helps enhance your learning and problem-solving skills; it also helps you pay attention, make better decisions, and be more creative and productive.

Ongoing sleep deficiency is linked to an increased risk of heart disease, kidney disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, stroke and obesity. 

Regular poor quality sleep can also lead to to fatigue and subtle incapacitation where you're much more likely to make mistakes.  

A number of studies of hand-eye coordination and reaction time have shown that sleep deprivation can be as debilitating as having a Blood Alcohol Concentration over the legal driving limit of 0.05%!

Many disasters have been linked to a lack of quality sleep, including nuclear reactor meltdowns (e.g. Chernobyl),  maritime accidents (e.g. Exxon Valdez), many aviation and train accidents and countless motor vehicle and industrial accidents. 

However, very few of us get regular quality sleep. Evolution has primed us to get around 8 hours sleep every night. Yet, in this chaotic modern world that can be very difficult. The Sealy Global Sleep Census revealed that 1 in 3 Australians sleep for 6 hours or less per night! 

SeventeenHundred, recently conducted a Workplace Sleep Quality Study which showed that:

  • More than 1 in 5 employees questioned whether they had to go to work after a typical night's sleep
    • Another 2 in 5 employees would have liked an extra hours sleep before a normal work day
    • Less than 1 in 10 felt refreshed after a typical sleep night
  • More than half of respondents  felt that poor sleep affected their concentration for 2 or more workdays per week
  • The average respondent expected that regular quality sleep would increase their workplace performance by 48%
  • More than two-thirds wanted to participate in a sleep wellness program

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Sleep can impact on many aspects of our lives

The Fishbone Diagram above captures some of the more negative aspects that can result from regular poor quality. This list is by no means comprehensive but it does illustrate how a Sleep Performance Programme can influence physical and mental problems. These in turn can transform behaviours and performance and finally result in improved productivity and safety. 

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Maximise your health, performance and resilience!

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