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Regular quality sleep will improve health, productivity and lifestyle


We harness the restorative power of quality sleep to amplify your health, performance, resilience and energy

Sleep disorders often go undiagnosed and inadequate sleep is more and more prevalent.


To assist in identifying, diagnosing, treating and managing poor quality sleep by providing novel, appropriate and straightforward solutions  

Our values are those key foundations of our business which we will not compromise


Commitment: We are dedicated to helping those suffering from poor quality sleep. They are the centre of everything we do

Consideration: We treat our customers, partners and providers with the utmost respect as they are the reason we exist

Collaboration: A diverse-thinking team is greater than the sum of its parts, we therefore cooperate closely with our customers, partners and providers 

Customer Care: We seek to provide the best-possible Duty of Care through individualised solutions

Our Sleep Wellness Subject Matter Experts

Dr Roy Sugarman

Dr Roy Sugarman - Performance and Sleep Innovator

Director: Neuroscience at Mobecom Group: LifeIq and SeventeenHundred


Dr Roy Sugarman is a Clinical Neuropsychologist and Clinical Psychologist who acts as Director: Applied Neuroscience in the Performance Innovation Team of EXOS USA, considered the leading performance innovation group in the world. His work for this and other corporations and universities around the world, as well as multiple sport teams revolves around the application of motivational science to peak performance, and the optimisation of brain and body functioning by seeking to optimise resilience and build recovery strategies such as sleep.

Provides subject matter expertise and best of breed digital platforms 

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Dr Nikolaus Schumacher

Dr Nikolaus Schumacher - Sleep and Performance Expert

Founder and Group CEO Nambaya (formerly LifePatch)

Nikolaus is a medical doctor by training but after qualifying he spent most of his professional time in the pharmaceutical industry and as a management consultant for international consulting firms.

Nik has extensive knowledge in providing sleep, heart health, resilience and stress reduction solutions.

Nik has 25 years’ experience in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. 

Provides subject matter expertise, diagnostic equipment, software and technical support

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Dr Lutz Graumann

Dr Lutz Graumann - Sleep and Performance Coach

Former Head of Sports Medicine for the German Forces (Bundeswehr)

Founder of Quest Vitality

MD, Ph.D. and Specialist in Orthopaedic Surgery, Sports Medicine, Nutrition and Chirotherapy with the focus on performance enhancement. Working with different pro athletes and leadership groups, he has learned that training methods, sleep quality and nutritional concepts have varying impacts on the individual. He retired from the Military after 23 years of service with the rank of Lt. Colonel. 

Provides subject matter expertise and sleep education

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Wayne Hollow

Wayne Hollow - Sleep Quality Provider Australia

Founder and Head of Customer Happiness: REMinder Health 

Wayne has a background in engineering but decided healthcare was his calling after military service in the South African Medical Services. Wayne’s personal mission is to help people live, longer, happier and more successful lives. Wayne has 28 years of management, sales, marketing and management consulting experience in the healthcare and wellness industries, including  7 years in sleep health. Wayne recently formed REMinder Health in order to raise awareness of the importance of sleep wellness in optimising overall health and wellbeing, and to provide innovative, implementable solutions for sleep and associated problems.

Provides sleep solutions, on-site support, training and appropriate pathways to Australian healthcare professionals

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