Our Valued Sleep Wellness Partners

Wellness organisation creating support between employers and employees

SeventeenHundred is an innovation driven wellness organisation that creates supportive relationships between companies and their employees. They provide work-life integration and diversity solutions to support organisations and the journey of the individuals within – enabling them to balance their work commitments and external responsibilities. 

Digital engagement business with neuroscience driven behaviour change models

LifeIQ is a digital engagement business focused on behaviour change within the context of health and wellbeing. Their neuroscience-driven model is based on scientific, applied research and real life experience and their easy, fun and rewarding approach empowers users in a social, gamified and easy-to-use environment.

Know your sleep, health and performance numbers for a better tomorrow

Nambaya provides clinical data for sleep, performance, heart and health analysis. Know your numbers for a better sleep and for a better tomorrow. 

Your vitality is our quest

Quest Vitality make current findings in medicine and sports science understandable, experienceable and, above all, feasible. This enables them to develop programs for behavioural changes that clients can implement in their everyday lives. "It's all about designing and implementing the right habits and strategies for you."

Understanding your sleep problems gets you one giant step closer to resolving them.

SleepHub is our sleep education partner. They provide evidence-based content on sleep.  Understanding the factors contributing to your sleeping problems gets you one giant step closer to resolving them.