Sleep Wellness

We provide end-to-end sleep solutions to improve wellness, engagement and productivity.

We will customise this approach based on your needs and the impact of poor sleep quality and/or inadequate sleep. 

"A good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures in the doctor’s book." ~ Irish Proverb

Our solutions are based on proven cutting-edge methodologies

Our Approach

We cater our approach according to individual and/or organisational needs in Australia.

Typically, any engagement will probably follow these broad steps:

1. Awareness: We create awareness of the importance of sleep in our day-to-day lives and it's impact on our health, happiness and productivity. We also look at the impact that sleep has on other health conditions and the effect other health conditions have on sleep. This is the first step in creating an enduring Sleep Wellness culture. This is done mainly through digital engagement but can involve train-the-train sessions and other means of communication.

2. Identification: There are over a hundred recognised sleep disorders, ranging from insomnia (not being able to sleep well) to narcolepsy (a constant urge to sleep). In between are conditions like sleep apnoea, restless legs syndrome (running a marathon in your sleep), shift work etc. There are also many many conditions that lead to poor quality sleep (such as chronic pain, anxiety, PTSD etc.) There are also many  conditions that could result from poor sleep (fatigue, depression, poor memory, burn out etc.) Some of it may just be behavioural (burning the candle at both ends, partying too late, not prioritising sleep etc.) It is therefore vital that we first do screening using established clinical tools to assess the extent of poor quality sleep. 

3. Diagnosis: Once we've assessed the likely cause of the sleep problem, we can do some simple overnight diagnostics to help rule-in a sleep disorder or other problem. Those at risk of sleep apnoea will undergo an overnight test that measures blood oxygen and breathing, amongst other things. Those not at risk of sleep apnoea can undergo a LifePatch® test that effectively measures heart health, resilience, stress and sleep quality. 

4. Reporting: All participating individuals will receive a confidential report detailing the findings of the diagnostic test that will include actionable recommendations.  This could include early referral to a relevant healthcare professional. We can provide team level reports to employers if required but these will be de-identified and aggregated to ensure that we do not compromise individual privacy.

5. Engagement: We know that change is not easy so we will continue to help individuals post recommendations. We will use a proven neuroscience driven digital platform to achieve this. It's an actuarial model based on building pivotal habits to help individuals overcome temptation and obstacles by building their capabilities and motivation. We can also use gamification and rewards to help drive the required change. Where needed, we can also provide individuals with online Cognitive Behavioural Therapy with a stepped-care approach to  relevant counsellors or healthcare professional. The goal is not only to improve sleep - once people are sleeping effectively they're more likely to exercise and eat right. We can then create a "virtuous cycle" involving sleep, nutrition and movement. 

6. Monitoring:  If you can measure it, you can manage it. We can provide a simple device that can provide a LifeTally® score within 2 minutes and which can be used daily if desired. The LifeTally® score is an accurate and objective biomarker which can readily display improvement (or deterioration) in general health.  We can also provide analytics and reporting on LifeTally®, including long term trends. 

7. Embedding: Our ultimate goal is to incorporate quality sleep as part of an individual's lifestyle and create a culture of Sleep Wellness. This will result in more engagement with life and work, reduced presenteeism and absenteeism and increased safety by reducing "subtle incapacitation". If needed we can do follow-ups and provide booster programs. 

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"The amount of sleep required by the average person is five minutes more.” ~ Wilson Mizener

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